Everything you will need to design
and develop your Web site

The software you will use for this contest – Microsoft® Expression®
Web – enables you to create a cool, interactive, professional Web
site without having to write a single line of code.

It is the same software that professional Web designers use!
Microsoft® Expression® Design enables you to create illustrations
and graphics for your Web site.

Schools can access this Microsoft software at no charge through
a complimentary subscription to MSDNAA: please e-mail
ew4hs@innovativeteachers.us to request the software.

Please contact the teacher at your high school who is sponsoring
your participation* in the Microsoft bliink Web design competition to
find out how students can get access to additional software design and
development tools for free through the Microsoft DreamSpark program

Free teaching & learning resources

  • Basic Expression Web Tutorial – Learn how to create a cool Web site
    quickly about the trip of your dreams to beautiful beaches around the world
    with this quick and easy Expression Web tutorial.
  • Expression Design Tutorial – Create a great looking header image for the
    beach trip Web site that is referenced in the Basic Expression Web tutorial.
  • Advanced Expression Web Tutorial – Add to the Web site you made in the
    basic tutorial by learning how to use the advanced features in Expression Web.
  • Expression Learning Center – Access an extensive collection of tutorials,
    guides, and training videos to become an expert on any Expression tool.