For students
Before you begin this online registration process, complete the
following tasks. You will need these details in order to register.

  • Ask a teacher at your high school to sponsor your
    participation in this contest (you will need his/her school
    e-mail address.)*
  • Finalize your team of 2-4 students; confirm the spelling
    of their names.
  • Choose a team name.
  • Select one team member as the team captain
    (this person will be responsible for submitting your final Web
    site entry for judging.) See submission instructions on the
    Submit page.
  • You must register by the date and time shown on your contest
    page (these links can be found on the home page).

For educators
You do not need to register on this Web site to sponsor your students’
participation in this contest. If you are interested in sponsoring student teams:

  • Read the Rules page for details and responsibilities.
  • Send an e-mail to to tell us of your intent to sponsor student team(s).
  • Include your Name, School, e-Mail Address, Courses you teach, and Grade Levels you teach
  • Contest entries can be created as in-class projects or outside of class.
  • Your students can learn how to use Microsoft Expression Web software here