Before submitting your entry:
Before you begin this online registering process, complete the
following tasks. You will need these details in order to register.

  • Convert your entry Web site folder into a single .ZIP file
    (the default.html or index.html, or possibly a default.aspx
    or index.aspx file, should be located in the root of that folder).

    To convert your entry, right-click on the folder with all the
    files inside and choose Send To, Compressed Folder.
  • The team captain identified in the team registration
    process is the only person who can submit an entry.
  • Submit only one entry* per team. (If you submit more
    than one entry, the last entry submitted will be judged.)

  • You must submit your contest entry by the date and time
    shown on your contest page (these links can be found on
    the home page).
  • Questions? Send inquiries to
  • Your submission must be less than 10MB